I miss this place. I’m here to lurk until I sort my game out, ya dig?

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Thirty-four various tech-y tattoos.  These are fairly high-res at 1024x1024 each, and look so much better in the game than they do in CAS.

Most of them are single-color, except one two-channel one and one three-channel one.  

These look really nice layered and mixed together.

There are three different packages in the download.

Do whatever you want with these as long as you don’t claim you made them.

Brush credts:
1920s Electronics Brushes
Circuit Lines
Tech Brushes


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A 200 Followers Gift! Also my first upload. Let’s hope I’m doing this right.

I severely screwed up my CC earlier this week and was left with about 20% of it, so I’ve decided to go a little more Maxis-y (I tried) with my sims. Why not share?

TraitsAdventurous, Bookworm, Brave, Childish, Supernatural Fan

Outfit, ShoesHairSkin (Joedy), Default EyesEyebrows.

FrecklesEyeliner, Lips (Dry).

Credits are in the zip. CC Free version uses SPN hair. Please don’t reupload or claim her as your own. You can change whatever you want, but I suggest not changing her facial structure too much, because, c’mon. If anything is wrong, let me know. x_x

Download (.sim + sims3pack)

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“Everyone’s butt looks so fine in the Dark Brotherhood armor. More like Dat Bootyhood, amirite?”


- Image provided by submitter

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My game is unplayable since I started compressing. sooo, I’m starting over with cc. I didn’t backup beause I’m an idiot. 

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She reminds me of some sort of paiting

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Finally found the motivation to test them in game today so here they are the Weighted Storage & Companion Cubes from the Portal games.

*The small cubes can be found in the Decor section, under Sculpture & Misc.
*The big cubes are awaiting you in the Surfaces section, under End tables.

Both versions come in sim3pack & package, have 7 variations, 3 of them having recolorable channels (the blank one, along with one with the heart & one with the Aperture logo)

Term of use: Do not claim as your own or upload on other websites (that includes free ones, as well as pay ones) If you want to do so, please ask first.

Enjoy & you know where to find me for more details, questions and/or any issue you’d encounter.


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You’re not as viking-like as I had planned, but I would bone you anyway.

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